Collectors Eye Primitive Antique and Art Show.

Cedar Rapids, IA. Sunday 10-4.

We dig old, primitive.  We haven't slept in a bed or put our britches in a dresser, that isn't at least 100 years older than we are, since we were kids.  It only gets older from there.

Our farm was homesteaded in 1840, our log home 1845, the Stone Barn 1850. We live, understand and  

collect primitive country Americana.

Early 1900's industrial, gas station and barn lighting. We specialize in original genuine vintage porcelain enamel fixtures. As with most all our offerings, they simply  just don't make them anymore.

If it seems like quality country primitives are getting increasingly difficult to find, you're right. We travel everywhere mostly east of the Big Muddy, collecting old. Old paint, old pegged, old Americana.



Upcoming primitive Antique shows

Our story

hand Hewn and Stone

RLM Lighting

Old Stone Barn Group


Homesteaded in 1840, Stone Barn Farms is a working hay farm. Our current project is restoring an 1855 German Hewn Log Smokehouse. Of course we hired a German Shepard to guard it.


New, ends up in a garage sale. Old quality primitives, pass the test of time and remain as a family possession.


Life  is too short. New only makes it predictably shorter.

what we do, mostly.

Life at the Farm

Primitive County Antiques

Stone Barn Farms, and the Finke barn - 1850

Marbold Farmstead Annual Country Primitive Show. Greenview, IL. 20 miles N. Springfield Sat. 9-3.   Adm. $5

26th Annual Country Antique Market. Bishop Hill, IL. 9am -3pm, rain or shine. Gathering of 60 exceptional primitive country dealers. Admission $6.

We source 1800's hewn lumber and hand worked stone. From complete log cabins, timber frame and post and beam structures  to smaller material projects, we are always buying and selling .


Vintage RLM barn Lighting  -  Primitive Country Antiques  -  Hand-Hewn timber & cut stone