Old Stone Barn Group

our story

There are two kinds of people; those that clutter, and those that collect. For different reasons, we like them both.

Vintage RLM barn Lighting  -  Primitive Country Antiques  

OK, here is a long story, short version. We have been collecting primitive country antiques for years. At some point a few years back, we had collected so much stuff, it was beginning to affect the tides.

So we decided to begin selling things we collected, mostly at Primitive Antique Shows around the Midwest. I'd like to say our plan is working but it seems to have backfired. We now have more antiques than less. We keep collecting and finding more fantastic primitive items to sell at the shows.

Lighting you ask? Well when we needed to rewire and re-light our stone barn shop, we of course chose to use vintage barn lighting. We found vintage Benjamin porcelain lights that were in terrible, dirty, unsafe, condition. They were used in a coal mine conveyor system in Southern Illinois. No problem. We painstakingly cleaned, rewired, located and replaced the missing parts, (with an electrician's help) and relit our stone barn with genuine vintage barn lighting.

So if we could do our place with vintage lighting instead of new, why not yours? That's how we got our start in the vintage lighting business.

Unsure where to Start? Maybe, just maybe, we can help.